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Lorne VIC to Robe SA ( Every Monday ) Robe SA to Lorne VIC ( Every Tuesday )

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  • Lorne Vic
  • Robe SA
  • 2014-11-27
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Hi My name is Caleb, i live and work at great ocean road Lorne. I travel to South Australia , Coastal town Robe to visit my daughter every monday. I will drive back and forth every week. Estimate time of travel : Monday ( 1 stop journey ) Lorne 7am to Colac 8am Colac to Hamilton 10:30am ( Through Mortlake and Noorat ) Hamilton to Penola 11:30am ( SA time / trough Casterton ) Penola to Robe 12:30 pm Estimate time of travel : Tuesday ( 1 stop journey ) Robe 11am to Penola 12pm Penola to Hamilton 2pm ( Vic time / trough Casterton ) Hamilton to Colac 4:30pm ( Trough Mortlake and Noorat ) Colac to Lorne 5:30pm

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